What do you wish
education was like?

Who we are, what we do
We are a team setting out to disrupt education using technology.
We aim to drive the growth of human knowledge and opportunities by reinventing education to be an exciting experience accessible to all 
Two people working with technology
A couple of people working to solve problems
Why we're doing it
Because we are not content with how our current education system works. 
Today's education framework has been around for a long time, and it has not exactly evolved as fast as our world is evolving, compromising the experience that every learner deserves to have— one that's tailored to their personal goals, pace, and preferences.
How we're doing it
We are a startup that's in pre-product market fit stage, so we are currently validating multiple solutions that we see later on are going to form a bigger solution that will address our problems with the status quo in education. 

Developer Assessment

OQ Developer Assessment is a platform where as a web developer or an aspiring one, you can assess how much you know about specific technologies by taking a test and seeing your results.
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SkillFlo is a platform where you can assess your English proficiency level by taking an online test and seeing your results in CEFR level (CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, an international standard for describing language ability).
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Curiosity Catalyst

Curiosity Catalyst is a platform where you can choose a topic you want to learn about and study about it whether solo or with other people, and you get to choose activity modes that fit how you to learn best.
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